What to Look for in a Good IT Support Company

Unless you own a tech company, managing technology usually comes last on your to-do list as a small business owner. It’s completely understandable if you want to focus on the front-end of your business instead of learning the ins and outs of your hardware and software.

If this is the case, then you’d need a strong IT support. Whether you run a five-person startup or you have a hundred computer users on payroll, IT support can do your company wonders. But before committing to an IT support service provider, consider the following things first:

The geographical area they cover

While you don’t need to have an IT support provider based in the same location as you and your office, onsite support is still a great benefit. This means that you’ll get faster service when technical issues in your workplace occur. When a provider’s resources are far from your office location, the IT company may ask a third-party vendor to help, which can mean delays and added costs. But if they’re nearby, they can easily dispatch a technician to resolve the issue, which means a shorter interruption in your workflow.

If remote management is available

If your employees are currently working from home or you usually experience minor technical issues, then your IT support provider must be able to offer remote management or monitoring. This ensures that your employees receive whatever technical support they need so that downtime can be minimized.

The levels of support they offer

A quality provider of IT support services is one that’s able to offer your company a choice of service levels. Having this option means that you can choose a suite of different IT solutions tailored to your business’ needs and budget. Ask your IT provider candidates if they offer something like pay-as-you-go support, break-fix support, or a full-service managed support.

Experience working with the software you use


You might need help from a database administrator or DBA for your company’s Microsoft SQL server, an engineer for your VoIP system, or another type of technician for your other IT needs. Most providers offer universal services, but their expertise varies. Software and technology also vary by industry. So it’s better to work with an IT service provider that knows the ins and outs of your industry’s tech and software.

The average response time

Every IT company follows a certain process when it comes to providing support for their clients, which means that response times can vary from one support provider to another. Keep in mind that IT issues can greatly affect your workflow, whether they be major or minor. So choose an IT support provider that can give you and actually sticks to guaranteed response times. These may vary depending on the level of support you’re paying for, as well as priority.

Keep in mind, though, that response time is different from resolution time. Your provider might guarantee a 15-minute response time. This doesn’t mean that they can resolve your IT issues in 15 minutes, just that they will respond to your assistance request within that time frame.

These are only some of the few important things you need to consider when choosing an IT support company. Through these, you can get a feel of which one may best work with your team and address your company’s needs.

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