Video Marketing: Creative Content Creation

There are so many ways to use video marketing. There are also numerous types of videos to choose from as well. You no longer have to be restricted by the skill level of your staff. There are many companies that can offer their services to suit your needs and produce eye-catching outsourced 3D animation videos or consumable social media vignettes.  

The social media world we live in means that many people consume thousands of videos a day. People are more prone to watch a fun video than read a long blog no matter how well-written. This means it is a good idea to diversify your social media strategy to video production as well. It can feel daunting to think of what types of videos to do but luckily there are several types that have already proven popular with the consumer audience.  

Your sole focus needs to be on understanding your target market so that you can create the right content that will engage their interest. Once their interest is engaged, they will be much more likely to spend more money on your product as well as feel more brand loyalty. This will translate into them sharing your videos with their family and friends. This is the new word-of-mouth marketing.            

Announcement Videos  

You can use short videos of just a few seconds to make announcements about a new product or any exciting changes to your business structure. This will build ‘hype’ and excite your audience so that they will follow the announcements closely.  

It’s a good idea to use animations or celebrities in videos like this to attract as many people’s attention as possible before the big reveal.   Parody Videos   This is a great way to engage your audience and create rapport. Parody videos making fun of famous movies or the hit music video of the week is a good way to ensure that people are consistently visiting your social media pages.  

You can put bloopers from the videos on the blog page of your website as well. This will ensure that visitors to your social media pages will go onto your website and have the opportunity to translate their interest into a purchase.  

Behind the Scenes Videos  

These videos make for great longer content you can release around the holidays. They are designed to make customers feel as though they are getting a sneak peek into the operations side of the business they support. It is highly recommended to use these videos for companies that have a manufacturing site.  

You can show people how the manufacturing of a product is made as your primary reason. But people will also observe how your staff are following hygiene practices, that your plant is clean and the machines are well-cared for as well. This will soothe any worries they have about the source of their goods. It will make them feel more comfortable spending more money on supporting a clean and safe product.  

camera production prepping

Live Chat Videos  

This is best used if you have an engineer or designer who is media trained or willing to attend a training course to learn how to talk to an audience and engage with their questions and queries. Social media live chat videos can be very different from speaking to people in person and you will need to ensure the person you choose is comfortable with engaging on a web-based platform. Once you find the right person or train them for it, these live chat videos will generate a lot of positive content and attention to your social media pages and website.  

People always want to know whether they are getting the best from their products. Many people also want to understand the products and how to use a few in tandem or together. Some may ant tips and ideas on how to fix small issues without invoking the warranty clause. This will be the forum where the engineer or designer can help them with their issues, suggest fixes, or recommend additional uses or products.  

Testimonial Videos  

Testimonial videos are effective because there are so many companies out there in the world and all are vying for customer attention. Not all these companies are dedicated to good service and quality products so people can get suspicious of all the companies. Testimonials by real customers show potential customers that real people have truly enjoyed and had their lives improved by using your products. They will be more likely to believe the word of a person like themselves than a paid celebrity.  

Video testimonials are also a good way to showcase to your client base that you value their good opinion of your company. They will be more likely to keep using your products because they feel that your attention is geared towards their interests.              

Video content can take many forms, but ultimately it is about helping your audience to feel like they can really get to know the company they are buying from. Take the time to do a short introduction video of your main front-of-office staff. Share vignettes of delivery people or packers doing their job. Even a few testimonials from workers about why they enjoy their job can help to make customers happy and ease the recruitment process when you need to hire new staff.

Be sure of the story you want to tell through your videos. This will have a huge impact on the type of videos you choose to make.

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