Reader Perks: Tailoring Your Content to Your Loyal Subscribers

Once you’ve reached a loyal customer base on your online magazine, expansion might be the next step. Having enough subscribers and readers every month indicates that the content you’re putting out has value. You can use this to your advantage by engaging your readers even more through specialized content. In doing so, you’re responding to their specific needs and providing a better experience while improving your bottom line.

What Makes Specialized Content Special?

Writing specialized content for your readers gives them access to topics they genuinely want to learn. It also tells them your company is open to suggestions rather than producing standard niche articles they might not care much about. More importantly, it shows them you’re versatile in providing content, which is an advantage over competitors with limited niches in the digital magazine industry.

With digital magazine subscriptions, your customer’s information is readily available online. It’s easier to collect data this way; your reader’s general location made available to you by his IP address and by the traffic sent to your site. Unlike print magazines, where physical surveys take months to complete, digital services allow you to find your customers interests in a span of minutes.

You can track your reader’s preferences by taking note of which articles on your magazine have high readership and the most click-throughs. To deliver a customized user experience, you can send them email deals designed for their interests, presenting them with a list of specific niches you’ll most likely write about in your future publications.

Another alternative to this would be to provide your readers and subscribers a place where they can leave comments about specific topics they’d like to see in your magazine.

Customers prefer brands that tailor specifically to their needs. A personalized buyer experience, even with digital magazines, makes the reader feel they’re getting the most out of their subscription money. According to a study, a quarter of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand again if that specific brand allowed personalization. About 12 percent are distrustful of brands that do not use this customer engagement technique.

By tailoring your content to your readers, the niches you cover will broaden. These new topics present a possibility of new readers as well. With a wider readership target, the workload for your digital magazine also doubles. You’re well on your way to expansion.

A Path to Expansion

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As you expand, upgrading your platform and services should follow. Managing outsourced content may prove difficult, so investing in vendor management platforms, like ServiceNow, to keep your business transactions organized is ideal.

Expansion entails a shift in your business plan, accounting for reader-centric surveys and writing them specialized content at a time. To prevent the quality of your content decreasing, consider increasing your staff, and hiring more freelancers and contributors.

U.S. Publishing Hall of Fame member Bo Sacks says that the future of magazine publishing lies in specialized content and niches. Their success in securing your title’s stable future, however, hinges on editorial excellence.

As you cover more topics to accommodate your subscribers and readers, you’re giving your business an opportunity to expand. Readership increases and your current subscribers are more likely to stay. Keeping them engaged secures your business a steady form of revenue, allowing for greater growth.

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