Make a Presentation that Stands Out

A presentation can make or break your brand. If your performance is boring or if you pick a sensitive topic that doesn’t settle in with most people, your brand could be hurt beyond recovery. A good pitch should not only be exciting but also inform people of everything that a product has to offer. In that case, it should be well planned to give full disclosure and answer all questions from the audience.

In today’s gadget-influenced lifestyle, mobile applications for trade shows have recently gained momentum. App developers are being compelled to find ingenious ways to provide information and convince users about the importance of adopting new products or technologies. While mobile apps play their role in marketing your product or event, they aren’t the only tool in your armory. You have to adopt several measures to make your presentation successful.

Address your audience

When making a presentation for a product or service, you should target your audience’s concerns. One question that always comes into their minds is how the product will benefit them. First, you need to create a story upon which you will rally the audience. Remember that you are presenting to them and not addressing yourself. Once you convince them that they need this product, you will have cleared the abstraction and all the attention will be yours. Use simple language and desist from jargon if you want your audience to understand and follow you. Let your audience know that your product will make their lives easier and better.

Deliver the experience

man presenting to coworkersStart by creating a common enemy that you need to conquer. Create a hero-villain scenario which pitches your audience’s problems and places your product as the hero offering deliverance. This addresses the question, why do we need this product? Once a villain or obstacle has been painted in their minds. Unleash the solution which will uplift you to another level. Sell the experience to change the world and not the product you have developed. Put in all your energy and let the passion radiate to the audience that you believe in what you are offering them. Use props and real-life demonstrations to deliver the experience, and they will never forget it.

Rule of three with memorable statements

What does the rule of three mean? What it means is for you to organize all your presentation information into three points. Research has shown that a human mind captures and assimilates well factors and other things that are presented in threes. So, your presentation should be grouped into three points on each slide. Make sure that your statements are short and with an impactful message. Brief comments are easier to remember and will stick in the minds of your audience for a very long time.

If you want to have a successful presentation that will leave a lasting impact, then show your audience one reason why they should listen to you. Convince them to believe in what you are presenting. Do this by providing brief and clear messages that can easily be memorized.

Are you new to presentations? Well, you don’t have to try so hard since you can end up messing up. Seek advice from a professional who can help you organize your thoughts and pick the best way to deliver your presentation. Remember that a presentation is a crucial marketing tool. Therefore, do whatever it takes to provide a memorable experience.

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