How Much Abuse Does Your Smartphone Take?

The smartphone is no longer just a phone. It is the most important gadget that anyone should have. When their phone gets damaged, they need to have it fixed as soon as possible. It is critical to their daily routine. Phone technicians, such as those from Bad Apple, recommend that those in South Jordan should have regular phone checkups at phone repair facilities.

Ordinary Wear and Tear

Smartphones are used almost 24 hours a day. Most people don’t turn them off, and they also keep the gadgets near them at all times. This is an important factor to consider because most users start browsing for replacement phones after two years. This is usually when their contracts for the phone end or are about to end. In addition, a phone model is practically obsolete after two years. There is also the normal wear and tear of the mobile device.

There are some things that happen with the way mobile devices are normally used. Nowadays, a phone is used as a watch and an alarm clock. It is used for email and Internet access more often than desktops. Seldom do smartphones shut down. They are also charged as much as twice a day, for as long as four hours daily. This makes the device work harder and puts it at risk of being damaged.

Drops and Damage

Smartphone with cracked screenOverheating can occur when the phone is using a lot of apps at the same time. Games also make the phone heat up due to the extensive use of the GPU. Overheating can lead to problems in processing. Another cause of overheating is when the device is full. When the storage is almost filled up, the phone spends more time juggling the available space to write temporary files. This is the reason why older phones are slower. Extended overheating, especially when it occurs often, can damage the internal electronics. Processors are rated to work within a temperature range. Overheating means that the processor is hotter than it should be. When a processor is too hot, it starts to have internal damage leading to frequent errors, lags, or freezing up and stop working.

Other events can also have an impact on the phone in the long term. These include instances when the phone is dropped, which is quite common. Even with a case, a drop can damage the internal workings of the phone. It may not have any scratches or dents outside, but inside the phone is where problems really occur. When a phone is dropped, the impact can loosen some electronics, and it can also damage the chips. These are not noticeable but they can cause a dip in performance. Besides dropping the phone, water damage is another fairly common occurrence. This happens when the phone is used while raining or when inside the bathroom. Not all phones are water-resistant or weather-sealed. The moisture enters the phone and can damage the USB port, microphone, speaker, or even the earphone port. It is important to thoroughly dry the phone after it has become wet, but water damage can be due to the frequency of using the phone under the rain.

Your phone can be damaged with regular use, and it may require professional repair. Normal wear and tear can cause enough damage to have it replaced. It is always a good idea to have your phone checked regularly.

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