How to Make NFC Technology Work for Your Business

Quick adoption of new technologies is usually a hallmark for the success of any business. Audiences are fast to point out companies that novelise the latest and greatest tech to make their lives easier. Many of these technologies can prove to be costly and difficult to implement by smaller companies. That’s not the case when it comes to NFC, because it relies on radio frequencies and not internet connectivity.  These can be leveraged by most modern Android phones and you can simply order NFC products online. Even the necessary tags themselves are affordable to produce and program.

So just how far can your business go with only one simple NFC chip? Here are the most creative uses that will certainly help you stand out in a crowd.

Quick and Easy URL Launching

The most basic function that an NFC tag can undertake is to initiate the launch of a website URL. This is far easier than manually just inputting the address on a browser and will save precious time if you’re making a business presentation, introducing your products at a trade show or even a convention. Simply set the tag to initiate the launch of a specific website or portfolio and any time someone wanders over you can direct them to view whatever content that you’re trying to showcase.

Smartphone Car Control

One of the leading causes of accidents when it comes to cars is the irresponsible use of smartphones while driving. Fortunately, smartphones today have a driving mode that sets the smartphone on a protected mode. Unfortunately, it can be fiddly to use—which is why many don’t bother. Auto rental companies can leverage NFC technology to automate this setup with just a tap. This can help ensure the safety of their customers and protection of the cars that they rent out. More complex automation can include activation of custom playlists.

Special Business Cards

man handing business card

Business cards can be dimes a dozen and, if you don’t stand out from the competition, they can be lost among piles and piles of other cards. Embedding a chip in a uniquely shaped business card allows you to offer a more in-depth experience when you share your card with others. You can set the NFC tag to activate your portfolio, for example, or even lead them to a product catalogue that they can make purchases from. Not only does this make your business card functional but allows it to be a unique novelty that stands out.

Smart Clothing

A final truly unique application is the integration of NFC tags into clothing to create smart clothes. For example, you can sell coats that have wrist tags. These can be programmed for beneficial tasks like silencing a smartphone automatically—useful during meetings. It can also be incorporated with tags that remotely start up a desktop that will cut down time preparing for a workday. The point is to create something useful that can make you distinguished.

Something as simple and affordable as an NFC tag can be used to create a tremendous marketable experience—so long as you leverage it creatively. Apply these, and you can be sure to stand out from your competition.

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