Guidelines for Picking the Ideal PPC Ad Format for Your Business

Most business owners assume that a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing expert is only essential for those who are new to this form of online marketing. However, the elements of PPC marketing continually change to meet the demands of the online market. It is easy to blow your online marketing budget on PPC ads and have little to show for your efforts even if you have been investing in the same for years.

Whether you are only starting or have already invested in PPC marketing, contracting an agency offering PPC services in Denver is essential to actualize returns. One of the elements the experts from this agency will help you pick is a suitable PPC ad format for your budget, target market, and business. Here are tidbits on the available ad formats and what you can expect:

Text-only Ad Formats

These are your basic ads on Google AdWords. Text-only ads comprise a headline of approximately 25 characters, a website URL, and two text lines with thirty-five characters each. They will reach your audience quickly, they will generate more clicks than other PPC ad formats, and they will be easy to maintain and set up. However, text-only ad formats have higher cost-per-click (CPC) than other options and work best for companies with an established clientele. They also work for businesses offering basic services and goods used by people daily since you do not need to spend so much to convince clients to close a deal.

Image Ad Formats

There are different options for PPC image ads, including interactive or static graphic in flash or .gif formats. Image ad formats allow you to offer a visual showcase of your services and products to reach clients across other Google website partners, including Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. Still, they offer lower conversion rates and clicks compared to text ads. Image ad formats will suffice for almost all businesses but work best if you want to make a personal connection with clients or build your brand awareness.

Video Ad Formats

watching on YouTube

The videos used for PPC marketing can be standalone videos or part of a streaming video. These have a higher impression on clients than texts and images and allow you to reach out to clients on different platforms. Like image ad formats, however, they have low conversions and clicks. Video PPC ads will suffice for companies aiming to deliver an experience, like a rehab center or vacation getaway.

Call-only Ad Formats

These are a variant of text-only ads aimed for getting clients to contact your company. As such, they appear on devices that have calling capabilities. Call-only ad formats have a high conversion rate since they have only one objective, and they are effective for mobile searches. Service companies rather than product-based ones will reap the highest returns from call-only ad formats since clients will typically call to make appointments.

There are numerous options for personalizing your PPC ad campaigns. These will be based on your clients’ stage in the marketing funnel, your type of products and services, and your marketing goals. The right choice from the PPC ad formats mentioned above is your first step in reaping the profits of PPC marketing.

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