Experience 5 star immersive and exciting virtual reality in London

Whether you are planning a couple’s day out, a good adventure with your friends and family or you are trying to plan a corporate event to get your employees back into work with a spring in their step, an immersive virtual reality experience in London provides great opportunities for team building and simply having a great time, creating unforgettable memories and experiencing something new for most people.

An excellent day out for all purposes

A virtual reality experience in London is unlike traditional gaming in that it allows you to step into the game, creating a three dimensional virtual environment around you that you can explore in 360°, using advanced computer technology for an innovative and exhilarating experience.  Whether you are new to virtual reality or you are an avid gamer and have visited virtual reality experiences in London before, 5 star reviews will tell you that it is an amazing experience which is highly enjoyable for all. With innovative and individually tailored new games being introduced every 6 months at some venues, the virtual reality experience in London is somewhere that you can keep coming back to with your friends and family, or with a different group each time. It provides an excellent day out, for an exciting adventure that you cannot get anywhere else in London, with the highest customer service, conveniently located and affordably priced.

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What does a virtual reality experience in London involve?

A virtual reality experience here in London is easy to book online for groups of up to 20 people. If you are planning to come with a larger group, for a special occasion or a corporate event, then by speaking to the venue you can make sure you have a perfect day ready for you when you arrive. You may wish to begin your virtual reality experience with drinks and snacks to help refresh yourself prior to a highly stimulating 30 minute demo experience. This introduces you and your team to the world of virtual reality with three different sections, which allow you to get a good taste of the hype around virtual reality and what it is all about. This includes a visual introduction to virtual reality, a shooting game which will allow you to practice your hand/eye coordination and then a ‘scare’ which allows you to experience how an immersive three dimensional simulation works.

Currently the games at a virtual reality experience could include Strike Team Delta, Overrun, Overrun Stage 2 and Toon Strike. Toon Strike is the latest game out of these four and can be enjoyed universally and is more suitable for younger players in comparison to the other three. Strike Team Delta is a highly thrilling, objective based game which involves piecing together information to help prevent an alien invasion from taking over the world.  Overrun is a scary and adrenaline pumping game based around a zombie apocalypse, the popularity of which led to bringing in Overrun 2 which is a continuation of the original game for returning players. Book your excellent virtual reality experience today and have a fantastic time with your team, creating unforgettable memories for everyone.

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