The Best Customer Experience? You’ll Want High Internet Speed for That

What is the main goal of your business, or at least what do you think will bring more people to your store, whether offline or online? Isn’t it customer satisfaction? The best way to succeed as a business is to retain your existing customers and attract new ones. But to do that, you have to be seamless in the services that you can provide. Customers are savvier now. They are picky with the businesses that they support. They aren’t only happy with quality products, but they want the best customer experience, too. That’s the only way to satisfy them, the only way for them to keep coming back to your business.

However, a lot of businesses don’t realize that this quality service ties with their office’s or store’s Internet speed. Every little goal that you have for your business is instinctively linked to the quality and level of Internet connection you have in the office. Aren’t efficiency, value, customer service, and profitability important to you? What do all of these have in common? The ability to fulfill each goal depends on the quality of the Internet connection you have in the office.

How Stable and Fast Should My Connection Be?

The speed and stability of your Internet connection should be a primary concern. Just how stable and fast should the connection be? It depends on the kind of business that you run. Call center companies, of course, need to pull the big guns. They need about 1 gbps of speed for some 30 users. This kind of setup has near-zero interruptions, which means your employees can deliver the services that you promised your clients and customers.

But for smaller businesses, you can do two things. The first thing is to ensure that your Internet speed can reach its full potential, which means you should get a device with a BAW filter for uninterrupted and high-speed Internet connection. The second thing is to identify the Internet speed that your business can utilize and maximize.

How do you know the speed that your business needs? As a general rule, a 5 mbps download speed is for one to two devices that can do online browsing, research, and email, while a 25 mbps is for three to five devices to do large-file downloading, basic wireless connectivity sharing, and business communication. For large video streaming, especially during the pandemic, you can invest in 75 Mbps that will provide connection to up to 10 devices.

The bigger the tasks are, the more mbps your Internet connection needs. Backing up your files will also increase the requirement for your Internet connectivity. So for 20 or more users connected to the same network, you would need about 500 mbps and above. This will support multiple-server hosting, cloud-based computing, and heavy online backups.

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Should Your Business Offer Wi-Fi?

No matter what your business type is, it’s always a good idea to offer wireless connectivity. Whether you are running an office, hotel, or store, offering public Wi-Fi to customers is eye-catching. After all, who doesn’t want to do business with a store or office that offers this kind of convenience? However, you should always keep your Internet connection safe and secure. Or, at the very least, include a notice to customers that the connection is not very safe so that they shouldn’t use it for sensitive material.

What Happens When There’s Internet Disruption?

Interruptions in your Internet connection will disrupt the services you can offer to your customers and the business operations. Your employees will have to come up with creative solutions to having an unstable Internet connection. In turn, this will affect their productivity. Employees need the Internet to complete various tasks—update social media posts, monitor the sales transactions in the stores, check the inventory sheet from the warehouse, respond to emails, and access cloud-based services.

Web and video conferencing are also important services during the pandemic. Businesses survived on these alone. They were able to reach out to customers and negotiate with suppliers through video conference meetings. Low Internet speed and unstable Internet connectivity will affect the quality of business transactions. This is why investment in the right Internet speed is important for any kind of business.

The success of every business now hinges on how well it is invested in digital infrastructure. As much as traditional customer service and satisfaction are important, the ability of a business to adapt to modern technology also spells out its capacity to reach its goals. So, whenever there is an instance of ambiguity on how you can achieve your goals, remember to look closely at your digital infrastructure. You will be surprised at how well-connected business goals and Internet connectivity are.

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