Types of LinkedIn Ad Formats

Social media for a long time was purely a platform for meeting people and keeping in touch with friends. This has however largely changed nowadays, and social media has become one of the best marketing platforms. There are currently different platforms for social media marketing, and new ones come up daily. It is mostly impossible for in-house marketing teams to keep up or use the latest trends and technologies to maximize their returns in social media marketing.

Competitive geofencing companies, for instance, use GPS and RFID technologies for the creation of a virtual geographic boundary in which your ads will be shown. This minimizes the probability of wasting your advertising budget reaching out to people who have no odds of investing in your business. One of the best-performing platforms for social media marketing is LinkedIn. Here, you have the chance to connect with over 500 million professionals worldwide. The following are some of the ad formats on LinkedIn.

Sponsored Content Ads

These ads will promote the content already on your LinkedIn business page. If you want to personalize your ad further, you can opt for direct sponsored content. Sponsored content ads will naturally generate an increased engagement since they will be placed directly in your target client’s news feed. Sponsored content ads have at most 70 characters for their title, a display image of at least 200 pax and an intro copy featuring at most 150 characters. They are best used for raising awareness on initiatives and events, generating leads, boosting your follower total, and increasing qualified traffic to your pages.

Text Ads

Text ad is the PPC platform on LinkedIn. Ads are displayed on the inline or side rail of a user’s page, and it allows the use of targeting tools like geofencing to guarantee the ads reach your target audience. The headline is 25 characters at most; the description is at most 75 characters; and the image used is 50×50. LinkedIn text ads are used for targeting specific B2B audiences, attracting top job candidates, and driving traffic to specific landing pages or websites.

Dynamic Ads

These feature personalized, dynamically generated ads and drive users to apply for a job or like your company page. You can enable content downloads and generate leads directly from the ad. Dynamic LinkedIn ads are highly engaging and hence effective at driving traffic to your company’s landing page.

Sponsored InMail

Woman writing an email

This format is used to send highly personalized messages to targeted recipients. It delivers the message to active members on LinkedIn, and thus you have no risk of bouncing messages and abandoned inboxes. Sponsored InMails are used for driving the downloading of gated assets, generating B2B leads, and promoting special promotions and webinars. You can further personalize your ads and add CTA buttons to maximize the returns of your sponsored InMails.

Understanding the objectives of your LinkedIn ad is the first step towards choosing the right one from the above for your company’s marketing. You should, however, remember that LinkedIn is a highly professional platform and a less-than-optimal campaign will significantly lower your brand value. As such, you should ensure the ads are handled professionally.

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