How Technology Is Keeping You Safe

As technology continues to improve and become ubiquitous, it has turned into something more than what you can use to modernize your everyday life. It’s no longer just a tool for entertainment or convenience. Nowadays, technology has evolved beyond those purposes and could also keep you, your family, information, and your house safe. Metaphorically speaking, it has become like a security screen for your windows protecting your home from intruders or external threats.

How Technology Can Keep You Safe

Besides the usual protection that technology can provide you, like password protection and voice recognition, it can now offer some kind of security for your house, information, and electronic devices too. Technology can now protect every aspect of your life from any threat, whether it’s a hacker or natural catastrophes. Here are some examples of them:

  1. Biometric authentication

Traditionally, using passwords and number codes would suffice for you to access a device or a space like your house protected by technology. But the additional biometric authentication adds security that will keep you, your home, and your personal information safe.

Biometric authentication uses a part of your body to verify or authenticate you or whoever is accessing your device or house. This process could include scanning your fingerprint, iris, retina, and any other physical parts of yourself. Another more advanced version of this is the facial recognition system which memorizes and records the structure of your face and scans it before it can grant access. These kinds of technology have also been helpful to keep your devices like your mobile phones safe.

  1. Data encryption

Computer hacking, phishing, and identity theft are prevalent and are becoming a big concern for many people. This situation is where data encryption comes in. It can help you translate important data into symbols, codes, or any other encrypted form to prevent hackers from intercepting the contents. These codes and symbols are only accessible by a selected group of people who can access the decryption key or password to read it.

  1. Smart home

Smart home security allows you to remotely access your home’s locks and security system using your mobile phone. This system makes it convenient if you forget to lock your door. It is also applicable in situations when someone needs to go in your house — for example, your visitor, family members, gardener, babysitter, house sitter, or dog walker — and you’re not yet home. With a simple switch in your mobile device, you can control your door’s security system to let them in or out.

Additionally, suppose any intruders were trying to break into your house. In that case, you will receive notifications on your phone that allows you to take any precautionary measures like calling the police. These same technologies are also applicable to your cars that will add additional protection for your properties.

Lastly, if some appliances have been left plugged in, having smart home technology installed in your house could protect your house by alerting you of this. It also can turn off these appliances. Besides the security it can provide, this technology also makes your life more convenient.

  1. Device tracker

Your phones and computers are more than just devices you use to communicate; they have important information like your photos, work-related documents, and other personal information. But losing or misplacing them can be pretty easy. The worst part is that they can also get stolen and along with them are all your information. Fortunately, there are apps that you can use to locate your missing devices and possibly retrieve them. For iPhones, there are also built-in devices that could allow you to track your phone if you happen to lose it.

  1. Safer transactions

Since cybertheft and fraudulent charges have been rampant, technology has adapted to the consumers’ needs to protect their information, especially their finances. Now, online banking allows you to sync your mobile devices to your bank so that any transactions made on it will need to seek your permission that you can grant through your phone. Even if somebody else has access to your credit card information, they wouldn’t be able to do any unauthorized transactions.

Modern Technology, Modern Security

Of course, hackers and identity thieves are persistent at doing what they do best, but fortunately, technology is getting more advanced, and it’s always a few steps ahead of them. The future of technology in keeping you, your information, and your properties is looking promising.

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