Technologies That Will Stay in the Years to Come

How amazing that new technologies have emerged to help people’s lives. Imagine the times when people need a spare change to call someone from a toll booth. Nowadays, people would only need to grab the phone in their pockets to make a call.

New technologies are now considered to be a part of people’s lives. Technologies affect lives today; it makes lives more convenient and more accessible to information. Some technologies improved their function to serve people better.

One example is the chatbot for Telegram. It is a development that helps customer service to chat better and answer simple queries. Another example is Google services. The company provided more search categories to improve its service.

Other technologies further change the world today. These technologies have made people work faster and reach other people with a push of a button. What are these technologies today? Here are some ideas for everybody. These new technologies will stay in the years to come.

Internet of things

Wireless communication not only helps us connect through the web. It also helps us escape boredom and work in a flexible manner where information is available. Better yet, Wi-Fi was improvised and made to connect wireless devices without human interaction. People call it: Internet of Things.

This new wireless development enables devices to synchronize. People can now reach their homes and check if they were able to lock the doors. Some people even have a security alert from their phones if there is a breach in their apartment.

All devices are connected, and people have access to every device they have around. It is one of the best things ever developed for people.

Voice assistants in mobile devices

Remember Siri or Alexa? They are the voice assistant developments that became a new trend on mobile devices. Siri and Alexa respond to all the questions asked to them. They tell you the weather and many more.

Samsung Technologies developed their version of a voice assistant. They even made it with a CGI image. Samantha or “Sam” has the same functions but exclusively serves Samsung devices.

Voice assistants also read you the news and updates. It also has a feature where it plays music and searches for specific information. Those features are only a few of the various programs that those voice assistants can do.

mobile voice assistant

Facial recognition technology

One of the state-of-art technology emerging today is facial recognition. It is a form of checking identification by looking at the facial frame of a person.  It is a new technology found in mobile devices that help people unlock their phones. All it takes is to look at the screen.

Security cameras also include facial recognition to identify people. It helps police forces to look for criminals and fugitives alike. These technologies are yet to develop their features. It has raised some concern about privacy and has been a focus of the debate to some people.

But facial recognition could become a vital technology for medical use. It could help contact tracing for Covid-19 patients easier if this technology is developed.

The use of drones

Drones have emerged in recent years for entertainment. But the pandemic also allowed the gadget to help, especially on delivery services. Drones follow a design to carry a maximum of 200 kilograms of packages. These devices can deliver packages in remote places and right in front of the doorstep.

These drones are also developed to become a part of the armed forces. Assigning these drones to a battlefield has become effective. It has accomplished complex missions that an ordinary soldier may find challenging to achieve.

Some of these drones are also utilized for scientific exploration. Deep-sea diving might sound challenging for scientists, but they found drones to be useful.

3D printing technology

3D printing is the process of materializing a three-dimensional design from a computer. It is now a new trend developed to copy a particular object. 3D printing has become a new way to construct bridges and houses today. A 3D-printed bridge unveiled by Imperial College London in Amsterdam is the world’s first bridge from 3D printing.

Construction companies have also shown interest in utilizing 3D printed houses in Europe. It will be a technology that will help the construction boom on a larger scale in the years to come.

There will be other technologies that will come in the future. Some could help with the business, and others could help lives. But the one thing that people need to remember is not to become too independent in technology. Let people control technology instead of the other way around. Try to push yourselves away from the gadgets from time to time. It is a great way to know that we still live in a better and simple world.

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