Frontiers in Technology: Technologies Helping the IT Industry Today

The IT industry is growing at a rapid pace. During this time of digitalization, the sector’s services are more critical than ever. However, the growth is hindered by various monotonous processes. Thankfully, technology has improved throughout the years and has affected the industry in more ways than one.

It can’t be denied, the multi-trillion IT industry is surpassing many other sectors in the world. No other sector has received this much growth, especially during the pandemic. It seems that nothing can stop this sector as it adds another trillion dollars in its market value next year.

As the sector grows, monotonous tasks increase, and these tasks can severely hinder its growth. For example, tedious tasks such as database clean-up, manually forwarding calls, and employee training are all essential but mundane tasks in IT. Because of this, more and more companies are applying different software and digital technologies to their companies. One of them is Microsoft SQL.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the key database programs, alongside Oracle Database and IBM DB2. It is crucial in storing and retrieving database information. Various improvements have also made the program more stable than its competitors and more secure as well.

Many IT companies are utilizing SQL for their daily database needs. However, billions of information are stored on the server, making it near impossible to handle each transaction individually. Thankfully, there are many software companies out there that offer great SQL server management services. Their services are crucial when it comes to handling the coding and security of every SQL server. They can also organize it fairly well.

Microsoft SQL Server has made the IT industry more efficient. With billions of clients utilizing their services next year, the contribution of SQL servers has become even more crucial in the sector.

Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD)

ACD plays a daily role in handling the call distribution process in IT companies. In a sector that receives millions of calls every day, an ACD system does a miraculous job for the industry.

Decades ago, team leaders used to forward calls manually to their team members. This made a team leader’s job extra hectic because they also have to manage their team on the floor. This all changed when ACD systems became ever more available worldwide. It’s such a simple job, but it means more time for the team leader to monitor their members’ processes.

Additionally, ACD systems have also improved the quality of calls, and some have even the ability to ask for client feedback after the call. It can also reroute calls to other departments. This is great for inter-office calls. The ACD system also does the recording of calls.

It’s a miraculous technology that does a simple job very well. Because of it, the sector had become twice more efficient in doing their jobs.

Digitalized Employee Training

Let’s talk about one of the biggest pain points of the industry today: training. IT industries rely so much on training and team building because companies rely on how each team does their jobs well. However, physical team-building exercises have been canceled because of the increasing infections in the US and the fact that the pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon.

To replace these physical team-building exercises, digitalized employee training has been implemented. Many team-building companies have transitioned to online training, utilizing modern technologies such as virtual and augmented reality in their programs. The result was a success. VR and AR tech has been known to deliver the same impact as physical training does. In some aspects, such as verbal communication, digitalized training even excelled.

It’s great to know that team-building exercises are still accessible to most IT companies regardless of the pandemic. This means that it’s much easier to train new employees entering the sector for the first time.


Customer service is crucial for IT companies. It’s where they get their feedback. It’s also where most clients get clarifications for their services. However, with the customer service department receiving millions of calls every day, it can be hard for employees to handle most of them.

The implementation of chatbots has helped reduce the number of calls by half in many companies. It turns out, most questions that clients have are mundane and easy to answer questions. Chatbots handle these clients while they reroute more complex inquiries to their human counterparts.

It’s great to see the IT sector grow rapidly because of these modern technologies. The future looks great for the industry, and it will be one of the few industries that will see a ridiculous increase in its market value during the coming years.



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