Running a Customer-Centric Business: A Handy Guide

According to statistics published in The Telegraph, the United Kingdom receives over 660,000 new business registrations every year. Start-up companies are investing their money in brand building. Not many, however, survive in the business world. As a matter of fact, 60 per cent of new companies fail within three years. On top of that, some businesses owners find it hard to continue running their business.

How can your business actually survive (and eventually thrive) in today’s world? One suggestion is to make customers the prime focus of your business. This means that you will be focusing on improving your product and developing strategies with your customers in mind.

Here are a few practices that you should follow to turn your company into a customer-focused organisation:

Anticipate Future Trends

If you want your business to survive and flourish, you’ll need to go beyond the products or services that your customers need at this time. You should also think about the things they might need in the future. As much as possible, you want to be the first company to offer them innovative solutions for a specific product or service. You can accomplish this by thinking of a product or service that solves the present and future needs of a customer.

Need help getting the data you need? You can collect feedback from your customers or clients by conducting surveys or interviews. You have a wide of communication platforms at your disposal, including but not limited to chat, phone calls, text messages or emails. You can use these channels to reach out to a customer directly.

Alternative, you can set up a VoIP system that lets your organisation receive feedback calls from customers. When you install this system with the help of a reliable business VOIP provider, no call becomes unanswered. These systems often come with a technology that routes or forwards incoming calls to an available customer service representative.

Regardless of your strategy, the information you’ll get from customers will enable you to determine the aspects of your product, service or brand that need improvement.

Turn One-time Customers into Loyal Fans

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Convincing someone to purchase your product or sign up for your service is an accomplishment. You, however, need to go the extra mile if you want your business to survive and thrive. Try to come up with a marketing strategy that rewards customers for their loyalty to your brand or company. An effective way to accomplish this is to launch loyalty programmes, offer limited-time discounts and provide one-of-a-kind perks to regular customers.

Be Proactive

Proactiveness is a great way to set your brand or business apart from a sea of competitors. When a customer, for instance, buys a product or a service, you go above and beyond to give them what they need. An example is reaching out to the customer to find out if the product they ordered and received is in good condition.

Following these simple steps helps you attract more customers to your business. If you satisfy the needs of your customers and give them exceptional service, they are more likely to recommend your brand or company to their friends and family.

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