Pointers for Becoming an Interesting Person

Some people catch your attention, and then you feel the need to be associated with them. These people are usually interesting, and they are like a magnet that pull everyone together. They may be funny. They may be smart. They may be reliable. And at some point, you aspire to be like them. You aspire to become much more interesting. That is okay. After all, everyone has the potential to become an interesting person.

The first rule that you need to keep in mind is you have to be comfortable with yourself. You just can’t project an image, as it is bound to fail sooner or later. Below are some of the tips you need to remember whether you are trying to make friends you plan to meet someone through online dating apps with artificial intelligence.

Be a storyteller

People attract people because of their stories. Stories allow you to find common ground between you and the person you are dealing with. As such, you have to make sure that you always have some interesting and funny anecdotes ready. But do not come up with fake ones. More importantly, do not be a gossiper. Otherwise, the people you want to associate yourself with will find that you are not reliable and trustworthy (in case they find out you are telling the secrets and stories of others).

Take an interest in others

Sometimes, all it takes is reciprocation. People may take an interest in you if you take an interest in them. Ask a few questions about them. But do not pick those questions that will catch them off guard. Let them tell you stories first if you don’t feel comfortable to speak. Listening intently will make them feel that you are a person who is curious about them. Who knows, taking an interest in them may bring you closer together.

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Ask the smart questions

Speaking of questions, you need to ask the smart ones. Again, do not ask questions they are not ready to answer. Questions will help you engage them. You can ask about their favorite food, their favorite place, and their favorite drinks. If you want to go a bit personal, you may ask about their siblings. If you want to get deeper, you may ask about what they want to do in their life. Respect their decision not to answer some questions.

Embrace your inner quirks

Again, it is not healthy that you project an image that others may find interesting. Do not obsess over attracting more people, as the right ones will associate themselves with you (so what if you do not make a lot of friends? The real ones will appreciate you!). So what you need to do is just be yourself. Cliched as it may sound, but it is always the best advice to stay interesting. Embrace your flaws and your quirks!

A lot of people try hard to be interesting, which should not be the case. It should come as natural. It should never be forced; people can see right through your pretensions in case you try.

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