Starting a Party Planning Business in the Age of Technology

It’s not hard to imagine that others may raise their eyebrows at the thought of you starting a party planning business. Parties and events right now when almost every occasion is being celebrated on Zoom? The start of the pandemic last year saw virtually every big corporate and personal event get canceled. Weddings were put on hold, and corporate launches were halted. There were no big occasions that were celebrated, and almost everyone stayed home and had food delivered for their birthdays.

But once the nightmare of this pandemic lifts, everyone will see, too, that people tried hard to celebrate special occasions. Even with the pandemic, they spent money to deliver food to their loved ones to celebrate milestones. They got married via Zoom. They had drive-by kiddie celebrations. People became creative and resourceful in finding a way to celebrate parties with the use of technology.

What does that tell you? It means how much people love to spend on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. It tells you that they’re willing to make an effort to celebrate important milestones in their lives. This is why a party-planning business, even amid a pandemic, is still a practical and profitable business idea.

End-to-end Services

The best thing about starting this kind of business right now is the kinds of technologically advanced tools, equipment, and devices available. You can offer end-to-end services—from the planning to the production of souvenirs and design elements to the execution. People are willing to pay for this kind of service as long as they don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

But before you dive into buying the right devices and equipment for your party planning business, get to know the things you need for it. From digital printers to teleconference premium memberships to stamp machines, there are several things you may want to invest in. Here they are:

Foil Stamping Machine

A foil stamping machine will give your designs, invitations, and souvenirs an edge over other materials. Read about choosing a hot foil stamping machine before you buy one since there are many models to choose from. You can use this machine to create embellishment on invitations, place cards, souvenirs, menus, etc.

video calling

3-D Rendering

It’s hard to organize a party when you’re only virtually meeting with your clients. They, of course, want to have an idea of how the event will look like on an actual day. This is where 3-D rendering software can help. You can create a near-to-reality picture of how the place will look on the day of the event.

Traditionally, clients will visit the event place and meet with the coordinator, stylist, and suppliers. But because of the pandemic, this became impossible. What other planners did was to use a 3-D rendering of how the event will look like on the actual day. That gives the clients assurance that they hired the best people for the job.

Zoom Premium Memberships

Zoom’s free calls can last for only 40 minutes, which is not enough for a virtual birthday celebration. This is another way you can use technology in your parties and events business. As the organizer and host of the events, you can share your membership with your clients so that they can enjoy spending more time with their loved ones. This is an additional service on top of your basic planning packages. This will give you more opportunities to profit.

Digital Invitations

Event organizers are also helping clients with their digital invitations. They can create an events page on social media to remind participants and invitees of the event. They can also send digital invitations via emails. These are only possible because of technology. The digital invites have no limits. They can be as grand as the clients want them to be without the unnecessary additional cost associated with actual invitations.

Furthermore, logistics is easier with digital invitations. All the event organizer has to do is create an events page on Facebook and update that page with details. Anyone interested in joining the event will see all the information there.

It’s essential to have a kind of event planning business that can offer all types of services to clients. If you can be a one-stop-shop kind of event planning business, then you stand to gain all the clients lost during the pandemic. They want a planning service that understands the new trends in the industry right now. More, they want to work with an event planning business that maximizes technology to achieve the desired results.

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