One Man Down: Keeping Business Operations Seamless

manager briefing employeesWith the number of consumers online and the stiff competition to always offer the best services, it can be difficult for a company to conduct website maintenance. There’s too much at risk when you take your site down even for just a few minutes. Things get even worse when it’s not scheduled maintenance.

There are times when someone in control of a vital part of project creation cannot come to work with the team. It will be hard to predict, but perhaps they are on leave, on important business engagement, or simply unable to go to the office. The company needs to prepare for situations like this and ensure that everything still runs smoothly.

Setting Up Online Project Management

A team should be able to work seamlessly on a project without feeling as if they are crippled just because they are one member short. Each individual has the skills to cover a member of the team who needs time away from the office. They can only do this if they have updated project files, though. That is why companies are now in favor of project management Cloud software, which keeps everything in the Cloud for easy access.

This removes the problem presented by offline storage. Team members do not need to wait for someone else to give them the files they need. All they have to do is access files in the Cloud, which they will be able to do only if they are part of the team or they have the authorization.

Allowing Remote Work Setup

Family emergencies may require the physical presence of an employee at home. They may even be sent by the company to a conference miles away from the office. If there are certain issues they need to address but it is impossible to get to work on time, they should have the option to work remotely.

digital marketing business conceptThis will only be possible if everything they need is available online so that there will be no conflicting data sets to consider. Companies encourage employees to store files in the Cloud as a contingency plan, just in case the office is inaccessible but work needs to be done.

There is a caveat, of course, that remote work should only be considered if there is no one else in the office who can take over the task. If an employee is on leave or dealing with a family emergency, the company should be empathetic enough to let them have their leave in peace.


The case for and against outsourcing has been argued countless times. It’s not for every company, but it can surely be a means to save money while keeping company operations seamless. Delegate the right tasks to someone outside of the company and it will be as if the company never sleeps, which is a benefit if your business caters to clients all over the world.

Social media management is one thing you can outsource, as this doesn’t require the manager to be in the office at all times. You may also outsource certain modules that can be completed independently from the project it’s under, to protect private company information and to get more tasks done faster.

Every company has their own way of doing things. To prepare for the unexpected, make sure business operations can continue even when emergencies strike.

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