How You Can Build Your Company through Video Conferencing at Home

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, now is the best time to do so. The technology we have today can easily enable you to reach customers, sell your products, and showcase your services to people around the world from the comfort of your own living room. So if you get a VoIP phone service for home use, you can definitely run a business within your house.

Video conferencing is the key

Due to the advancement of VoIP, people can now talk and even view anyone from around the world like they’re only inches away from each other. If you’re thinking of running a business wherein you need to be not just in constant communication with your suppliers or customers but also be able to view them, you can use VoIP to enable your video conferencing feature.

Imagine that your expertise is in using a bookkeeping/accounting program such as QuickBooks. A decade ago, if you wanted to start a business wherein you will teach people how to use QuickBooks, you would have to visit every office in the country to teach every accounting department.

But these days, just by using the video conferencing feature of VoIP, you can come up with a syllabus, advertise your services on Google, Facebook, or Twitter, and invite people to sign up for your video conference. You’ll be able to teach all of them how to use QuickBooks without having to leave the house. Working as a consultant has become a lot easier because video conferencing made it possible for any individual to talk and present to as many people as he can.

It’s also great for import-export businesses

Video conferencing is also advantageous for import-export businesses that start off in a house. If you want to start an importing company but you don’t have a facility to house your operations, then you can use your home as your office for the time being.

With video conferencing, you can talk to as many suppliers you want at a much lower cost than if you make calls via a landline. Another benefit of this is that you get to canvas several suppliers and even check their products by requesting your suppliers to show their products when you’re video conferencing.

It’s also good for virtual offices

Man in a virtual conference

If you want to open a business where you’ll provide administrative duties to people who do not have admin assistants, accountants, copywriters, or HR personnel, having a video conferencing feature in your business will make you more attractive to potential clients. If your potential clients find out that not only can they speak with their virtual assistants but they can also see them online, they’ll be more likely to hire your services.

Offering clients the opportunity to make a virtual office look more like a real one is great. It’s more comforting and assuring for anyone when he can see the person he’s instructing to perform certain tasks for him.

These are just some of the advantages of having video conferencing for your startup or home business. If you take advantage of video conferencing, you’ll discover that this technology can truly add more value to your company.

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