Why Email Marketing Is Still a Valuable Marketing Strategy

Modern technology is continuously evolving, and so does digital marketing. In the past years, the number of digital tools has increased to help marketers and business owners to reach more audiences as possible. According to Hubspot, there are around 41 types of marketing categories brands can invest in, such as search engine, content, social media, and conversational marketing.

To ensure the success of marketing campaigns, business owners need to have a fully functional website that customers can navigate to know more about their products or services offered. They seek the help of a reputable web design company to have their own professionally made website with a sophisticated cross-platform design. With good website optimization, you can ensure all your marketing campaigns lead to greater results.

As marketing strategies evolve, many wonder if email marketing is still relevant as people move toward other communication platforms, such as social media and messaging applications. Despite the changes in user behavior, marketing experts say that email marketing remains an effective tactic for businesses. Not convinced? Here are the reasons why email marketing is still an appropriate digital marketing strategy.

Email is easy to integrate with other marketing channels

Need an integrated marketing campaign? Email is great in amplifying other marketing channels, such as webinars, content marketing, and social media. Simply include clickable icons on the newsletter and insert social media posts on email. This approach will keep the viewer informed about the latest content on your social media page.

If your product or service is image- or graphics-heavy, then add the “Pin it” icon to the visuals so the subscriber can save it on their Pinterest profile.

Emails are also ideal for promoting events and websites and sharing details about them. No matter what type of campaign you’re managing, email can help you reinforce it.

When creating an integrated marketing campaign using email, be sure to stay true with your branding across your channels. Also, don’t forget to embed website links and social media icons to encourage the viewer to engage with your brand on another platform.

Email should contain personalized content

Instead of crafting generic email newsletters, well-crafted content helps build authority, credibility, engagement, and strong customer relationships. Content should be relevant to the target customer’s interests, customer journey, shopping activities, and other related factors.

Learn about your recipients’ interests by knowing the blog articles they read, items purchased, products viewed, and the content of their wishlist and carts. You may also study the email marketing funnel to distribute the ideal content designed for customers based on which stage they are in the buying cycle. An email automation software can help you distribute customized content based on the recipient’s activity.

person emailing

For example, set the email automation to send out a welcome message to every subscriber who recently signed up for the newsletter. You can also notify customers who abandoned their items in their virtual shopping carts by letting them know that they didn’t complete the purchase.

Sending behavior-based triggers is a critical part of successful email communication as it makes recipients feel the content is exclusively made for them.

Email improves customer retention and engagement

One effective way to connect with customers is to collect their email addresses and ask for consent to include their names in your email marketing campaigns. Promotional mailing is a suitable avenue to educate the audience and present the latest offers and deals without looking too intrusive or pushy.

When engaging with your audience using email marketing, make sure it contains valuable messages. For example, you can send tricks and recommendations about a new product release and explain how it contributes to their specific problems.

Another technique is to use interactive and diversified formats in your emails such as GIFs, infographics, videos, newsletter layouts, and other multimedia content. Last but not least, keep the subject line straightforward and concise. You can ask questions, be direct, or use any statement that will boost their curiosity and encourage them to open the email.

Customers value connection and authenticity when engaging with brands. Don’t just use email to broadcast announcements or a random holiday greeting. Make sure that it promotes a personalized interaction for subscribers to experience your brand on an entirely new level.

Believe it or not, email marketing is still a proven way to reach, attract, engage, and connect with your target market than any other form of marketing strategy. It all lies in using the right marketing tactics to encourage your viewers to interact with your brand. So start kicking off your email marketing initiatives, and you’ll surely reap its amazing rewards.

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