Different Kinds of Accessories for Handheld PDAs

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are handheld devices that have all the functions of communication, computing, and entertainment in one gadget. It takes pride in organising schedules, contact lists, and other important documents, so most people today can hardly ever function without their PDA.

Most PDAs are considered miniature computers because they have their own memory, operating system, and processors. This is why the repair of broken or damaged PDA units should be handled by professionals.

Enhance Your PDA with Accessories

The PDA is an indispensable tool for businessmen and professionals, so using the appropriate accessories can make the PDAs an even more valuable asset. Here are some of the widest picked accessories for PDAs:

  • Wi-Fi Card – Newer PDA models have built-in wireless connectivity, but for those who do not, there are Wi-Fi card ports in PDAs to enable the device access to the Internet, check emails, and browse websites by connecting from any wireless hot spot.
  • Bluetooth Devices – PDAs can be synced with other Bluetooth devices to transfer and exchange data conveniently, even without a connecting cable. PDAs can be connected with computers, headsets, printers, and speakers using Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Voice Recorder – Some PDAs come with a voice recorder, while others do not. For important meetings where a recorder is needed, PDAs can be accessorised with a recorder and upgraded memory to accommodate voice files.
    phone with voice recognition
  • Docking Station – Docking stations for PDA are great accessories for easy charging and entertainment using the personal digital assistant. The PDA is usually synced-in with the computer and the docking station to access the files saved in the unit. There are different types of docking stations, some come with built-in speakers, ports and USB charging slots.
  • Car Mounting Devices – Another great feature of PDAs is that it can be used as a GPS for automobiles. This is why car mounting devices are saleable for PDA users. With this accessory, they can mount their device on their windshield, cup holder, or dashboard for easy reach and convenience.
  • PDA Cases – Many individuals use protective and decorative cases to personalise their PDA. Whatever design you choose, make sure to go for the best quality cases to ensure that the unit is protected from damage in case it falls. There are also waterproof cases that offer better protection, especially in areas where there is constant rain.
  • Screen Protectors – Getting a screen protector for handheld PDAs should never be overlooked. Screen protectors prevent damage to the screen, which is important in the device. Damaged screens can render PDAs useless until it is repaired, and screen repairs can be expensive. Screen protectors also help lessen the glare on the screen and keep the device scratch-free.
  • Extra Battery Packs and Chargers – Although PDAs come with a designated charger, it is a great idea to keep extra battery packs or another charger for the car to allow quick charging on the go. With this on hand, users will not take the charger at home to the office and forget where it was last used or risk losing it.

Your PDA serves many functions in your day-to-day life. With the right accessories, it can become a virtual assistant, travel guide, and many more.

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