Gaining Clients: The Best Forms of Customer Acquisition

A business’ lifeline is among its clients and customers. They rely on their sales and continued patronage of the business. However, gaining customers and clients is a challenging art to master. Many companies try doing it but ultimately fail. Their inevitable failure is usually caused by their ignorance towards one prime strategy: customer acquisition.

Customer acquisition is a strategy that’s all about gaining new customers and clients to your company. Essentially, you are introducing them to what your business can offer and how it can benefit them. In this article, we will be discussing customer acquisition and how it can be improved in your company.

The Nature of Customer Acquisition

The strategy behind customer acquisition is to use the money to gain more customers. You might think this is not a brilliant idea, because it should be the customers giving us money, not the other way around. However, without customer acquisition, your company will have cobwebs by the end of the year.

Investing in customer acquisition is essential. For example, companies like Blue Apron spend a staggering $94 on customer acquisition for each customer. We don’t suggest spending as much on your company. A portion of that amount is good enough, especially if you invest them into some of the best customer acquisition forms.

Robust Client Onboarding Systems

Client onboarding is an essential part of retaining clients. However, its efficiency can also lead to more customers to your business.

For example, banks have been struggling for years to decrease their time to interact with clients. Both sides don’t like it when they have to spend an hour talking about the bank’s different services. One solution for this is to have a robust client onboarding system.

Many banks are now using digital client onboarding systems. One of the more prevalent forms of these systems is client onboarding wealth management software, which can be found online. Anyone who signs up with a bank with this software experiences a shorter waiting period than the rest. Furthermore, such onboarding software is also known to make the entire process more efficient to handle more clients throughout the day.

The speed of the onboarding process is now reduced from an average of one hour to just less than twenty minutes. This makes clients happier and banks more efficient. Additionally, since the system can be found on some apps, clients no longer need to interact with banking officers. It’s a win-win situation and one that produces quality results.

This is just one example of how the client onboarding system affects your overall customer acquisition. If your onboarding system is fast and practical, you can draw consumers to your company more likely.

Online Marketing and Adwords


We all know that search engine platforms are one of the important gateways to the internet. Billions of people use Google every day, and a decent chunk of this given population can become your customers through online marketing and adwords.

You can invest as little as $500 into your customer acquisition and gain thousands of potential customers by the end of the year. It’s one of the most robust and futuristic ways company gain their clients and customers nowadays, and one that you should certainly not skip out on. Your business can also take it into social media sites like Facebook and market yourselves there.

However, you need to know that this is an indirect form of customer acquisition, which means it can’t be directly converted to sales. But knowing about your company is already one step in the right direction. This form of customer acquisition is also suitable for businesses that have a trial version of their products. Speaking of which, one good customer acquisition strategy is trial versions.

Trial Versions

Trial versions are found everywhere. Almost any digital company has it in its list of services. It’s known to be an efficient way to gain customers and make more sales.

Customers who try your trial version can be instantly hooked for life. Why is it so good, you ask? Well, most customers think that after a good trial period, they should at least give you a bit of money for it. So they would eventually spend money on your business, and before they know it, they’re already well into a year of your service.

Trial versions are amazing when combined with monthly discounts. Sure, you might not be gaining as much net revenue as before, but you have double the customers. Try this strategy out, because trust us, it will make a difference.

As consumers become more aware of the marketing stunts that exist globally, customer acquisition becomes more critical. Through these ways, you can gain and retain more consumers into your company than before. So try them out.

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